Women’s Shooting Sports

TSRA works to support women in shooting, from beginners to experts, by being an information asset for our female members, sponsoring youth events, holding seminars on the basics of firearm safety, maintenance, and shooting skills, and reaching out and providing resources to the growing number of women’s shooting groups across the state.

By becoming a member you are helping us grow our women’s program base and providing an important resource for women who want to become skilled and responsible gun owners.

We recognize that gun ownership among women is on the rise and with it there needs to be more focus on developing programs that are women friendly.

Women are not just purchasing guns for protection. They are taking an interest in increasing their shooting skills through classes and target practices, getting out in the field and hunting, and increasingly participating in competitive shooting. The fact is that Texas boast some of the best shooters in the world, and a large number of them are women.

For younger ladies, there is a growing opportunity to participate in shooting sports through FFA, ROTC, clubs, and shooting ranges. Texas has a robust women’s collegiate shooting program with scholarship opportunities at multiple universities and the ability to compete nationally and in some cases internationally.

For more information, please contact:

Devon Rose (Michalik)
Women Shooting Sports Director

Harold Carter
2nd Vice President