Texas Rangers Book

Texas Rangers Book

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    TSRA member, and retired Texas Ranger Sergeant, Joey Gordon has contributed many articles to the TSRA Sportsman since 2018. These articles vary from 1,000 words to 1,500 words and include photographs that support the theme of the story. The stories typically revolve around firearms used by Texas Rangers and other Texas lawmen. In researching the stories, Joey travels around the state of Texas and makes phone calls to the people named in the story, relatives or co-workers. He also travels to take photographs or requests photographs from those who have them.

    The articles have been reformatted in book form by i2i Group’s Frederick Graber, the creative designer of the TSRA Sportsman. Some of the articles have been cut down to fit in the Sportsman, but appear in longer version in the book.

    Book Purchase and Shipping

    The book was first printed in February of 2020 in limited quantities. We are making it available to you online at a suggested contribution of $39.95 per copy to cover printing, handling and shipping to your door. Order your copy or copies TODAY.

    The contribution that you make for the Joey Gordon Book fundraiser will help TSRA carry on the good work to maintain a strong lobby team to represent pro-firearms legislation in Texas. Your contributions also support other TSRA programs that enrich junior and adult shooting sports.

    We sincerely appreciate any contribution you can make. Every single one is used to make the Texas State Rifle Association the best it can be.

    Victoria Huyge
    Executive Director

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