Magnet 2020

Magnet 2020

Suggested Contribution $10.00

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    TSRA Magnet 2020

    If you’ve received your magnet, you can make a contribution from this page. If you didn’t get one or would like additional magnets sent to you, click on the link below to request additional magnets (up to five). We do ask for a minimum contribution of $10.00 for the production, shipping and handling for each magnet you may have received or are requesting.

    Click the button below to order more magnets or request magnets if you didn’t recently receive one in the mail

    Magnet Add-On

    The Story Behind the Magnet

    The First “Lonestar” that flew over Texas is recognized as the Dodson Flag. It was designed and made by Sarah Dodson in 1835 for her husband, a member of the Robinson company of army volunteers. The Robinson volunteers Served at Gonzales and marched under the Dodson flag to San Antonio to lay siege to the Alamo. They returned home before the reinforcements from the Mexican army were sent and ultimately crushed the remaining forces at the Alamo.

    The Dodson flag was flown at the first Constitutional Convention at Washington on the Brazos in March 1836. The elected delegates, mostly under the age of 40, met for the express purpose of declaring the independence of Texas from Mexico. The delegates stood ready to dispatch under the Dodson flag at any given time to go into battle with the advancing Mexican army.

    Fortunately, in current times, we have a good relationship with the country of Mexico. There are concerns that we all need to be aware of, however, and measures that we can take to keep the rights we have now. In the coming year, our Second Amendment rights will see a serious challenge if the elections go the way they are being forecast to go.

    The contribution that you make for the 2020 Magnet fundraiser will help TSRA continue to maintain a strong lobby team to represent you. Your contributions also support all of the other TSRA programs that enrich our junior and adult shooting teams.

    We sincerely appreciate any contribution you can make. Every single one is used to make the Texas State Rifle Association the best it can be.

    Victoria Huyge

    Executive Director

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