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Life Member


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    Life Members receive a special package of a life membership card, cap, lapel pin, decal, and a lifetime subscription to the TSRA Sportsman. A discounted rate is available for those 65 and older as a Senior Life member.

    Your credit card information is stored as an encrypted token and can only be read by the receiving bank while the last four digits and credit card type are stored by our system for card identification purposes.


    Want to show your support with a lifetime of recognition as a proud “Life Member” but can’t swing the single payment? You can still do it … under the Conditional Payment Program.

    Over a 24-month period, you can help us strengthen the organization at a pace you can keep up with by making monthly ($20.84 month) or quarterly ($62.50) payments with your credit card. You will be billed automatically every month or every three months depending on the program you select below.

    You will quickly receive your membership card, decal, and a subscription to the TSRA Sportsman.
    Upon final payment, the remainder of your materials will be sent.

    To sign up for the conditional program click monthly or quarterly

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