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Family Membership Benefits

Family memberships include the spouse and children living at the same household and they all receive a membership card and decal while the primary member receives a subscription to the TSRA Sportsman. The annual or 3-year memberships are chosen above for the one year ($50.00) or 3-year membership ($110.00) payment.

Manual or Automatic Renewal Option

You have the choice of automatically renewing the membership at the end of each year. If you want to manually renew, click the <Add to Cart> button above. You will need to renew your membership on an annual basis by revisiting this website. Your credit card information is not stored as part of either manual or automatic renewal process.

If you authorize the TSRA to auto renew your membership at the end of the renewal period …

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Note: You will have to select the annual or 3-year option if you decide to auto renew.

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Membership Length

1 year, 3 year

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