EC Letter

EC Letter

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    Dear TSRA Member,

    On January 20, 2021, the political climate in America changed. The Trump administration was gun friendly and, during that administration, TSRA struggled with both memberships and contributions diminishing when the 2nd Amendment was not under assault. We would prefer the former friendly environment and deal with both of those challenges happily. Unfortunately, the stakes to preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights have risen demonstrably. For example, proposed HR 127 is a bill before the US Congress that represents a formidable challenge to the rights of Americans to bear arms as defined by the 2nd Amendment. In view of the forthcoming challenges, we must aggressively counter these assaults on gun owners’ rights effectively, intelligently, and successfully. We have arrived at an “all hands on deck” moment. We must immediately step up our efforts to ensure the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans are preserved.

    If every TSRA member contributes whatever amount they can, it will help in the fight for Texas Freedom. This income will significantly enhance our ability to serve you, be extremely effective, and ultimately allow all of us to prevail in this important struggle. We recognize that the recent political campaigns have severely challenged some member’s financial resources, but we believe current circumstances are dire. We must meet the challenge.

    Your steadfast support of TSRA over the years is greatly appreciated. If we pull together as a team, we can meet this challenge and preserve our rights. Thank you for your unwavering support and for helping keep your Association strong in this critical time.

    To mail your contribution, download a PDF Version of the letter here ======> EC Letter

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