2020 Calendar Fundraiser

2020 Calendar Fundraiser

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    TSRA 2020 Calendar was created in collaboration with the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum for the second year in a row. As in years past, the collection was photographed by the talented TSRA member Robert Langham.

    The 2020 Calendar contains more of the wonderful exhibits at the incredible Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum. The Museum is located on the northbound access road of IH 35 in Waco, Texas. Special thanks to TSRA member and former Texas Ranger Joey Gordon for his coordination and to the staff of the museum for their open and friendly assistance on this project.

    This year we have an exciting incentive gift, a commemorative challenge coin. For a contribution of $100.00 or more, you will be sent one of these limited edition TSRA 100th Anniversary Challenge coins. These coins measure 1.75 inches in diameter, by 3mm thick. Only 200 of these coins were made. Be sure you get your 100th Anniversary Coin by making your contribution early!

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