2021 Magnet

2021 Magnet

Suggested Contribution $10.00

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    TSRA sincerely appreciates your contribution to this annual fundraiser. Your generous support helps TSRA continue holding annual State Championship Matches, and helps to support our legislative activity in keeping the 2nd Amendment strong in Texas!

    2022 Magnet Add-on

    About the Gonzales Flag

    The 2021 Magnet features the Gonzales Flag. This flag is a symbol of the spirit of independence that is in
    every Texan. We hope you enjoy displaying the 2021 TSRA magnet, and that you contribute what you can to this
    important fundraiser.

    In September, 1835 the commander of the Mexican garrison at San Antonio sent some men to Gonzales to take back a cannon that had been loaned to the town to fight off Indian attacks. The citizens denied the request. After the Mexican commander sent dragoons to demand the cannon, the Texas force grew to over 200 armed men. Two ladies, Cynthia Burns and Evaline DeWitt, painted a flag on cotton cloth, showing the cannon, the lone star of Texas and a challenge to the Mexican soldiers. The Texans surprised the Mexican army early on October 2, and the battle that followed was brief, with the Texans prevailing.

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