Welcome to Our Life Memberships Discount Offer

We welcome you to start a new Life membership with TSRA. Browse the membership types and click on a membership you are interested in purchasing. We will discount the price of the membership at checkout (sorry no discounts for Defenders). If you are already a Life member (or higher) you can upgrade your current membership and receive an additional discount of $600.00 (except for the Senior Life memberships where as that involves a $350.00 discount) but you will need to login into your membership account from the promotion using the correct URL to get the additional $50.00 off a one-time payment.

Life – $550.00; Senior Life (65 and older) – $300.00; Endowment – $950.00; Benefactor – $1,450.00; Defender – $2,000.00

Upper Level Memberships

You can make a one time payment for your Life, Endowment, Benefactor or Defender Membership and receive your discount on the Checkout page.