Welcome to Our Annual Memberships Discount Offer

We welcome you to start a new membership with TSRA. Browse the membership types and click on a membership you are interested in purchasing. We will discount the price of the membership at checkout (sorry no discounts for Juniors or Business). If you are already a member you cannot renew your current membership early with this special program. As a current Annual member however, you can upgrade to a Life membership when you follow the special URL for our members described in the promotion letter.

Junior – $5.00 (Age 20 or younger); Annual – $35.00; Senior – $25.00 (Age 65+); Distinguished – $20.00; Family – $55.00; Business – $150.00

Annual Memberships

Our annual memberships can renew automatically or manually. Renewing Automatically saves you the trouble of  processing a renewal every year and allows our team to concentrate on working for you. Select your preferred option below.