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David Wade Harris, Master Engraver

Gunsmith & Gun Cleaning   Professional Services

I have been a Texas Gun Engraver, full time, since 1985. I learned the art of engraving from master gun engraver Weldon Bledsoe and he learned from engraver Cole Agee. I am not limited to only engraved guns but I engrave anything that is made of metal; knife engraving, Luxury Watches, custom car parts, etc. All engrave very nicely, I have engraved motorcycle parts, and from time to time I have engraved musical instruments.
I have included in my Gallery of Guns photos of engraved Revolvers, Semi Auto Pistols, Bolt Action Rifles and Floor Plates, Shotguns, and several pages of photos of Lever Action Rifles and Single Action Revolvers. My work reflects the great gun engravers of the mid to late 1800’s, such as L.D. Nimschke, and Cuno Helfritch. I am most noted for carrying on the tradition of engraving the cattle brands as did my mentors.


Autopsy and Pathology Services, P.A..jpg 5 months ago
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