2018 State BB Gun Championship and National Qualifier

March 10, 2018, the Texas State Rifle Association and Texas 4-H held the 2018 – 4 Position – BB Gun Championship and National Qualifier at Gillespie County Fairgrounds, Fredericksburg, Texas. Competitors were ages 8 through 15 years.

The Daisy BB gun program began in 1955 and is based on a ten lesson curriculum. The lesson plans include topics such as gun safety rules, types of firearms, safe carries, determining dominant eye, building a proper sight picture, shooting positions, range commands and more. The curriculum is very complete to say the least.

The competition consists of firing 10 shots from standing, kneeling, sitting and prone positions at a distance of 5 meters and a 50 question exam. The exam covers information from the ten lesson curriculum and the NRA BB Gun rules book. The exam counts for 20 percent of the competitor’s score.

The first match was held in 1966. Typically about 450 boys and girls age 8 to 15 qualify to compete in the annual competition. Attendance was up in 2017 from 59 teams to 68 teams. Each team consists of 5 members plus two alternates. There were a total of 482 competitors at the 2017 matches.


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